Post Conference Publication and Indexing

All CFAR 2017 presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted for indexing to Scopus, Google Scholar and more according to scholar choice for publication. The CFAR proceedings will be published under an ISBN number (and an CFAR Catalog number), under a nonexclusive copyright. Such copyright implies that Events’ organizers can and, indeed, are strongly encouraged to invite extended and revised papers for post-conference publications. The conference proceedings USB and Certificate of Presentation will be distributed to the conference participants at the conference registration desk. Authors of selected outstanding papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers for consideration of publication in the following:

  1. SCOPUS (Paid Publication)
  2. Google Scholars
  3. DOI
  4. Cross Ref

For paper publication contact us at

No Show Policy

  1. For each accepted paper, at-least one author needs to attend the conference, and present the paper in the assigned session.
  2. The presenter should start all necessary procedures and approvals (e.g., travel funding, visa application) immediately after receiving notification that the paper is accepted for the conference.

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